Planetary Accounting and Marketing Private Limited is an authentic outsourcing company providing accounting services worldwide and mainly in countries like Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Ireland.

Every business is incomplete without accounting for making our business successful and operative the role of accountant must be a priority of every organization.

Our company has the best professional with experience of many years in accounting and a track record of satisfied clients to whom we have provided our services.

What is accounting?

Accounting is a process of identifying, measuring, classifying, and recording financial matters in terms of money that forms part of the business.

Accounting includes:

  • Summarization of the data regarding financial transactions.
  • Analyzation and interpretation of the results come with the summarized data.
  • At last, communicating the results comes after analyzing and interpreting.

What are the advantages of accounting?

  1. Accounting offers many advantages to every business.
  2. Accounting helps in assisting and managing the business as management needs a lot of information for smooth and efficient working of the organization and to plan its future activities to reach the desired goal.
  3. It helps in meeting all legal requirements while preparing financial statements.
  4. It helps in providing the financial results to external users (investors, government agencies, creditors, etc.) of business assets, liabilities, and net profit of the organization.
  5. It also helps in providing loans to businesses
  6. Accounting reveals the net result of business activities and the financial position of the company. it also helps in preparing the profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statements

Why outsource your accounting work with us?

  1. Outsourcing your work with us will provide you numerous benefits.
  2. Our company has a professional team of qualified accountants who will prepare your business’s tax returns.
  3. Provides you with assessing tax liability, finance reports, budgets, tax returns, and accounting records.
  4. Our accountants will also provide you information regarding profit and loss and the financial position of your business.
  5. Clients who outsource their work benefited from the latest technology. Our accountants use the latest accounting software that minimizes the time and efforts of both accountants and clients. Besides that also provides accuracy and reduces the chance of error in comparison with human accounting.

What are the benefits if you choose Planetary Accounting and Marketing Private Limited for your accounting services?

Our accountants have full knowledge regarding the governing accounting principles required while preparing accounting reports and financial statements.

For Facilitating accounting worldwide our company has adopted an international standard, especially the US GAAP, UK GAAP, And IAS (International GAAP).

Working with our accounting professionals and experienced accountants will give more authentic information to make better business decisions in a short time.

Our team focuses on handling all the new laws, policies, procedures, and technologies associated with accounting. It also helps in making a base for filing income tax returns, GST returns, and much more while providing valuable services to our clients.

Outsourcing your work with ”Planetary Accounting and Marketing Private Limited” will not only provide you with services but also gives you surety and trust to work with us again