Are you preparing for your first Digital appearance or looking for re-development? Whether it’s a Blog, Website, or App we have the ideal solution for you.

Why you need an online presence?

Your online presence as a website is an online show window where you exhibit your offerings to prospective visitants or clients, whether you need to sell goods or provide services, it helps you increase customer reach and also serves as an online portfolio or Brochure.

Our professional and skilled web development team helps to interpret and add valued inventive and creative ideas to provide you with the finest high-quality web services at the most attractive and affordable prices.

Planetary Accounting and Marketing Private Limited offers craft innovative, originative, and cost-effective web solutions for our valuable clients


 “Planetary Accounting and Marketing Private Limited” has been developing web applications and solutions that help clients in expanding their business online. Our customized web-based applications reach the expectations of our clients. We provide the highest accessibility, usability, scalability, and absolute compatibility in all browsers and platforms. Since every business is distinctive with its own individual needs, we invest a significant amount of time learning how our clients’ business works to provide unique, inventive, and creative options.

All our web applications are built to support mobile phones, PCs, tablets, and other physical mobile devices.

Our Web development team provides our clients with the Website development process; Business processes automation, Customer relationship management system, Custom eCommerce software.

Services provided by Our Company 

  • Custom Front end development: Everything present on your website which the audience can see is present on the front-end
  • Back-end custom programming: The back-end of a website offers the functionality that makes a website unique from others.
  • Web presence management: Brand identity, logo design, graphic design services, Domain registration, hosting Website security maintenance, and many more.

Static Websites

We design interesting, creative, and attractive static websites perfect for companies or individuals to set up their web presence or use it as a contacting platform for their clients. Our professional and skilled team of web designers begins with studying the client’s needs carefully and presents a proposed web template to the client. After granting the initial approval, our web designers and development team offers a unique and innovative website that matches your requirements.

Dynamic Websites

Our team experts also provide dynamic websites. Most companies in today’s era, whether small or large, use dynamic websites to get more visitors’ attention quickly and easily. It also offers a communicative platform that easily allows the flow of data. Besides that, it also provides the website owner with the power to design, modify, and manage their profiles. 

We also manage the development and maintenance of dynamic websites. It provides automated menus that will automatically change when you modify or alter the site structure, create, add on or remove pages, rename them, etc. The main advantages that our dynamic websites offer to our clients are bulletin/discussion boards, content management features, e-commerce systems, the intranet or extranet facilities, and many more.

Our company has the following Technology Expertise which our professional web designers follow:

  • Web Application Development (Open Source).
  • PHP Development Custom Application Development
  • Portal Development Open Sources like (WordPress, OS Commerce, Drupal).
  • E-Commerce Web Development like (Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify).

Why choose us for Website development?

  • Creative and Inventive Web development: Our web designers use the topmost Latest technical tools to operate our website development process.
  • Our priority is to provide our clients with the latest and updated best technology. To stay up to date with the technology, we frequently invest in the latest technologies like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Flash, etc., to provide our client’s upgraded browsing experience from the website at an affordable price.
  • Authentic and Effective web development solutions: Our work defines quality and authenticity. We understand your business’s value, so we gave our best while creating websites that will surely take your business to the next level. 

For making websites different and unique from others, we provide our clients with the most creative and distinctive websites. Our motive is to provide the best web designs for websites that match our client’s vision.