Every successful running business’s basic requirement is the serviceable internal area considered the core element of every business. Thus, the technical aspect of business plays an important role in the working of the company. Thus, the proper working of business with efficiency requires regular maintenance of web servers to perform at their best.

Our Planetary Accounting and Marketing Private Limited monitor and secure your servers from crashing and protect our clients from loss of time and money. While outsourcing your technical services with us, we take care of your supporting hardware & software. 

Our Professional Server Maintenance Team provides you with Technical services Worldwide. It also ensures the durability of your systems, applications, and IT infrastructure and saves our clients’ overall costs in a very efficient manner. 


Server Monitoring: Our professionals use top grades software’s like ZabbixDatadog Network Performance Monitoring, and Nagios to monitor your server 24 X 7. Whenever the server experiences any critical or faulty activity, or a crashing server issue is faced, our notification system will notify us. Our skilled engineers get into action and will resolve it.

Server Update Software System: Keeping your system up-to-date protects your system application, software, and server from many threats and attacks. We continuously keep watch on system and security updates for both OS and Applications.

Server Backup: Having a recovery plan is vital while operating your server or applications. Besides that, our team always takes Timely Backups of server, application, and database. We can straight away pull from our backups and be back online in few minutes in case of any destructive events.

Firewall Protection: Our company offers you to harden your server security to the topmost level to control where data should flow into the server and who should access your data.

What are the other technical services offered by us?

  1. Our company also offers Microsoft Office 365, one of the most popular software suites globally, which has been used by billions of people worldwide. It is a cloud-based version of Microsoft’s Office. For businesses, it offers a great deal more than word processing and spreadsheet editing. 
  • Microsoft Office has evolved into a vast suite of intelligent tools that allow organizations to be more productive and efficient. With the basic tools, they need to perform everyday tasks like managing data, creating documents, and communicating information efficiently.
  •  Services offered by Microsoft office, such as Outlook, provides a well-built, professional-appearing platform through which businesses can build their brand recognition and market their services. It also provides with data security for organizations across all kinds of industries. Its mounded security measures, dynamic data monitoring, privacy protection are the main reasons for Microsoft office 365.
  1. E-mail support services: E-mail support for technical issues is a traditional method of assisting organizations. Resolution of issues over e-mail saves time and human efforts and reduces the cost of technical support. Clients are guided through a proper step-by-step approach of resolving procedures sent to them via e-mail support services. All business needs to have a strong and frequent e-mail support service to ensure the clients get a fast redressal of their complaints and feel satisfied with the resolution.
  • Our company, e-mail support services, provides a quick redressal of customers’ grievances under the standard procedure and timely response to all kinds of technical issues. Our executives all well trained for e-mail having proper knowledge of all kind of technical process according to your organizations need

 3.Web chat software is often used in a business to support live help or live chat and is also known as live software. The web chat software is merged with a website to allow clients to chat with the business representative or with the website owner. Live support on a webchat channel can be provided by human interference or virtual agents and chatbots. 

The following are web-based live support applications that we have used

  • Team Viewer
  • Anydesk
  • Chrome Remote Desktop

4.Power-user:  It generally uses computers, software, and other devices that include modern computer hardware, operating systems, or websites that the average user does not use. It is also known as super-user, a specialist in business software and whose computer skills are far better than those of an organization’s users and function in testing, training, and first-tier support of the enterprise software.

Our Planetary Accounting and Marketing Private Limited understand the urging need for IT service management for any business. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping our valuable clients worldwide to keep their servers running without any crashes.