Data Security

We understand that when a firm uses accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, or taxes services, a lot of sensitive data must be exchanged. Client data security and confidentiality are highly important to us.

Workstation & Network Security

  • We use Microsoft Server Architecture.
  • Restricted access to authorized personnel only.
  • Protected by a high-level antivirus solution.
  • Removable storage devices are not allowed on workstations.
  • We are going towards a paperless environment, which is both environmentally beneficial and ensures data security.
  • Unauthorized email and cloud storage systems have been prohibited.
  • Users are not permitted to utilize personal email accounts. Access to a variety of websites is likewise limited and monitored.
  • Each workstation has trackers installed to keep a watch on each employee. Every 15 minutes, a screenshot of an employee’s pc is taken.
  • Static IP Based Data Transfer Facility via SSL Protected FTP Servers based in the US.

Data Security

  • Our firm complies with all GDPR requirements, We use highly sophisticated software, hardware and dedicated servers to ensure complete financial data security. We have strong data security policies.
  • We own a Dedicated VPS server for secured Data Transfer.

Physical Security

  • 24*7 CCTV surveillance throughout our facility to monitor and secure our work environment.
  • We have installed an access control system at our workplace’s entrance to enable only regulated access to the production areas.
  • The server room is password-protected, and only the IT crew is permitted to enter. This access is also only granted with the use of an access card.
  • CD R/W drives are not available on our workstations.
  • The facility is also surveillance by the Security Guards
  • The USB ports on the workstations have been turned off.
  • Document storage area is well protected.

Employee Credibility

  • Employees are recruited after rigorous background checks are completed.
  • As a Trusted accounting and bookkeeping services provider, we understand the sensitivity of the data shared with us by our clients. All our employees are strictly bound to sign non-disclosure and non-compete agreements. We destroy all the raw and processed data once the work is completed irrespective of whether it is in the format of electronic copies or physical hard copies.
  • Only a few people have access to sensitive information.